Who are Baghela or Pal?

The Baghela or Pal are also referred to as Gadaria, is a community of shepherds.

The occupation of a majority of the Baghela or Pal is Animal Husbandry. They also sell their animals in the local markets and fairs.

The Baghela or Pal community shows its presence all over the north and centre India. They mostly speak hindi and its dialects.

Some people consider pal or baghela as subcaste of Ahir and gujjar. These three being Hatkar (Shepherds), Ahir (Cowherds) or Mhaskar (Gujar)(Buffalo keepers), and Khutekar (Wool and Blanket weavers) / Sangar.

Known Figure

Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar is know figure in dhangar or pal or baghel or gadaria samaj as well as in history of india.


Pal Baghel Gotra

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